ISO Container Monster Skate System S1-V1  

Our S1 skate system can carry loads from 0kg – 40,000kgs. The skate is designed for application’s where the floor conditions are “perfect internal compact” flooring and overall height is limited so a caster cannot be used.

Our system allows us to fit rollers from 75mm diameter up to 150mm diameter which will improve manoeuvrability and help over very small obstacles.

The skate is universal and will fit any width of ISO container by simply relocating some locking pins. The system is also very easy to fit different components to ensure we reach the clients objectives and requirements in terms of height and load and type of plate required for mounting.

Coldene Skate S1-V1 sets are produced here in the UK to the highest standards and are designed to lock directly into the ISO container lug and eliminate the need for a crane or heavy-duty forklift trucks. As with all Coldene manufactured products, our Skates are individually checked to ensure they pass our in-house quality inspection process, prior to despatch.


Coldene are a UK manufacturer of ISO shipping container castors & skates. Supplying worldwide Coldene’s ISO casters have become a must have in the container industry.