Our T24 Container Castor set is suitable for extreme loads of up to 24,000kgs. Our Twin-wheeled option is designed to take higher load capacities, fitted with Taper & Thrust bearings to maximise load carrying capabilities. These castor sets are produced here in the UK to the highest standards and are designed to lock directly into the ISO container lug and eliminate the need for a crane or heavy-duty forklift trucks. As with all Coldene manufactured products, our Container Castors are individually checked to ensure they pass our in-house quality inspection process, prior to despatch.


This set of castors consists of x4 Twin-wheeled Swivel castors, complete with premium grade polyurethane tyred wheels suitable for smooth & semi-rough terrain. Each castor is fitted with ‘towing lugs’ which enables our Towing Kit to be easily attached to a forklift or similar towing vehicle. The castors are easily attached to an ISO Container, either from the side or underneath of the ISO lug (depending on your requirement) with no power tools required to ensure a safe fit.


In addition, Coldene’s range of Container Castors are available with a 4-point Directional Lock mechanism, which is designed to lock the direction of travel for each castor if required. These are particularly beneficial if you need to transport your unit within tight spaces.


Please see our T24 Castor Combinations Listed below;


CDT24CONTAINER – x4 Swivel castors, with side-locking ISO connector

CDT24CONTAINER/DL – x4 Swivel castors, with 4-point directional lock and side-locking ISO connector

CDT24CONTAINER/TL – x4 Swivel castors, with top fitting ISO connector

CDT24CONTAINER/DL-TL – x4 Swivel castors, with 4-point directional lock and top fitting ISO connector


Each castor is Load test certified, if you require any information please don’t hesitate to get in touch on sales@coldene.co.uk.